We find motivation in knowing that we can offer protein producers, in 24 countries throughout the world, a complete portfolio of health products, animal nutrition additives and services around animal wellbeing that will contribute to the production of safer and more economical products for an ever-expanding world.

We rejoice in knowing that our products and services generate trust and peace of mind to animal protein producers all over the world. We know that by transforming knowledge into effective solutions we generate cash flow and profitability.

We see production processes as a universe where everything converges and interacts. This is why we believe it is essential to find integral solutions based on research and knowledge. We prepare ourselves to service animal protein producers with a diverse portfolio of products and a multidisciplinary and talented team that delivers more and better possibilities that will allow them to be more efficient in their processes. To do so, we align our products and services with their needs and desires. Alura delivers experiences of safety and trust to nourish, in safe and healthy ways, millions of people every day.