Differentiated products, optimized for you

Our Ecosystem

Data-driven optimization that enhances output.


Accelerated Feedback

Accelerated Feedback

Integrating experimentation with field monitoring quickly identifies opportunities for improvement.



A capability that guides us into continuous learning and allows us to offer practical and effective solutions.

Insights & Learning

Insights & Learning

Pairing analytics with field experience. We can transform data into real-time knowledge resulting in more rapid interventions.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

High-performance product solutions matched with your specific needs.



We believe in technology as the first step to make things happen. Therefore, we constantly look forward to cutting-edge technological capabilities that help us create value for our clients



We impact lives by understanding how living organisms work and designing solutions for the ag-tech and food-tech industries with the best group of experts in this subject

Our Global Knowledge Network

Shared resources for an
expanding world.

Global Network

Endorsed by respected international institutions

Through research, technology and knowledge, we have developed animal productivity and nutritional solutions since 1989.

Evidence-based solutions

We are supported by a team that is constantly creating evidence of the good results of our products and services.

Research Triangle

Our strategic location in the Research Triangle area. in North Carolina, delimited by some of the most recognized universities specializing in life sciences research, allows us to be on the edge.

Iluma Innovation Labs

With 264 participating companies, our partnerships help us forge a better world.

Innovation Centers

We validate the applicability of our ideas and methodologies in our Innovation Centers, which are made up of experimental poultry, swine, and layer hen farms.

Big Data

Through integrating technology, microbiology, scientific data analysis and pharmaceutical industry knowledge with the needs and demands of animal protein producers, we work together with Asimetrix, our scientific data analysis partner, to create endless possibilities for our allies and partners.

International Laboratory Networks

Our Alura International Laboratory Network is at the forefront of innovation and uses cutting-edge technology to analyze data from components and finished products. We run diagnostics of pathologies and evaluate safety indexes, all with the purpose of guaranteeing the quality, ultra-precision, safety, efficacy, and traceability of our products, which translates into trust and safety for our clients.

Pilot Plant

A place for developing prototypes and small-scale test versions, which helps and gives us evidence if a new idea meets the needs, requirements, and demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Careers at Alura

We create change through the power of our people.

Interested in joining Alura? Give us a call at +1 (919) 300-7515 or write and e-mail to info@alura.bio and inquire about our open positions.