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Alongside our customers we co-innovate to create more efficient processes and use of resources that result in improved animal health, welfare and productivity.

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Data-driven optimization for
improved interventions.


Insights & Learning

Pairing analytics with field experience. We can transform data into real-time knowledge resulting in more rapid interventions.

Accelerated Feedback

Increase validation through high-quality experimentation to uncover improvement opportunities.


A capability that guides us into continuous learning and allows us to offer practical and effective solutions.

Innovative Solutions

Choose high-performance product solutions that deliver complete and efficient results for your needs.


We impact lives by understanding how living organisms work and designing solutions for the ag-tech and food-tech industries with the best group of experts in this subject


We believe in technology as the first step to make things happen. Therefore, we constantly look forward to cutting-edge technological capabilities that help us create value for our clients

Technology that makes a difference.

At Alura, we offer integrated solutions to improve and protect the quality of your products. Our portfolio supports every stage of animal protein production.

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We are a proud member of Iluma Alliance.

Iluma is an Alliance inspired by the purpose of positively impacting people´s lives through nutrition. It builds and accelerates different ag-tech and food-tech businesses to create an ecosystem where life sciences converge with knowledge-services, technology and innovation, to design possibilities that nurture people’s wellbeing and the future of life.

Being part of this Alliance speeds up our processes, opens up a world of capabilities, and brings us more than 40 years of experience in the world of animal nutrition.


Tap into our Global Knowledge Network.

We are an ecosystem that creates value for the feed and food industry—an ecosystem for innovation where new technologies grow to contribute to a better-nourished world with more evidence-based solutions.

To achieve our purpose, we are constantly building a network of people and partners who want to contribute with their expertise, experience, and capabilities to speed up our processes and design impactful solutions.

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Nurturing a better world.

Every day, the global Alura team, works cohesively to deliver trusted products and services to animal protein producers. At Alura, our people work with a unified purpose to deliver innovative solutions.

Discover our mission
Discover our mission
Alura Whitepaper Library

Insights and data at your fingertips.

Access the Alura Whitepaper Library for dozens of insight-driven industry whitepapers on protein production, nutrition safety, and product optimization.

At Alura, we have access to a network of global producers providing real-time, benchmarked data. This gives us the ability to transform those insights into valuable whitepapers that cover critical sector trends, industry issues, and developing policies.

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